Tycker du 12 drev bak är för lite? Hav tröst; Rotor kommer med 13-delat!

Utvecklingen går vidare. För någon tid sedan, var det 12 drev bak som var nyheten; nu ska det snart vara 13! Det är spanska Rotor som nu kommer med 13 drev bak.

Här kan ni läsa mer info om varför och hur:


The exclusive ROTOR 1×13 groupset gives you seamless gear shifting with a sequential gear range for all cycling conditions.

1×13′s single chainring hydraulic system is a lightweight, aerodynamic and reliable solution so you can focus your pedaling rhythm as the slope of the road requires.
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Ready to Ride – April 2019
Developed for Road, Gravel and Cyclocross, ROTOR 1×13 offers you a choice of chainring and cassette sizing combinations for more range at high speeds, more range at low cadences and perfect sequencing of gears for every situation. Manufactured in Spain and tested under the most demanding conditions, ROTOR 1×13 is now ready to ride.

For competitive cyclists who want a light and reliable 1x hydraulic system with an optimised gear sequencing for sprints, attacks, mountain passes and high-speed descents.

Lightweight & Robust
With fewer components on board, ROTOR 1×13 is a lightweight and robust groupset that benefits from the maximum rigidity and optimum structural efficiency of modern disc brakesystems. With cutting edge CNC manufacturing, 1×13 strikes the perfect balance between lightness, precision and durability.Only 1,785 g including shifters, derailleur, brakes and hydraulic hosing (Flat mount calipers, uncut hoses: 1,800 mm x 3mm / 1,800 mm x 5 mm / 950 mm x 5mm, 160 mm rotors and all hardware included), 10-36 – 13s cassette, chain (uncut 126L) With ROTOR 1×13 you can assemble your disc brake bike to the UCI standard 6.8 kg without any problem


The ROTOR 1×13 groupset includes a revolutionary rear derailleur, a range of elite cassettes, 13 speed specific hubs and wheels and the world’s most sophisticated power meters, cranks and chainrings.

Shift indexing for 1×13 takes place in the rear derailleur to deliver crisp, precise gear changes with a robust casing that provides versatility across road, gravel and cyclocross disciplines. The internal clutch mechanism keeps chain tension steady over rough terrain, preventing frame damage from chain slap or potential loss of chain. The distribution of component weight adds to the natural balance and stability you demand from your ride.

The ROTOR 1×13 rear derailleur is protected by our reinforced Armoured Box that protects against all external elements, shocks and impacts.

As the 13 speed cassette is one of the most mobile and dynamic elements of the entire bike, we have worked to make it as light and precise as possible.

Component Weights

Groupset Weight
1×13 groupset including shifters, derailleur, brakes and hydraulic hosing
(Flat mount callipers, uncut hoses: 1,800 mm x 3mm / 1,800 mm x 5 mm / 950 mm x 5mm, 160 mm rotors and all hardware included), 10-36 – 13s cassette, chain (uncut 126L)
Component Weight
Right hand shifting brake set
*Inc: Right Hand Shifting & Brake Lever, Rear Derailleur, Rear Brake Calipers, Brake Rotor & Hardware
863 g
Left hand brakes set
*Inc: Left Hand Brake Lever, Front Brake Calipers, Brake Rotor & Hardware
443 g
12s Cassette 11-36 / 11-39 225 g / 221 g
12s Cassette 11-46 / 11-52 282 g / 314 g
13s Cassette 10-36 / 10-39 236 g / 241 g
13s Cassette 10-46 / 10-52 290 g / 321 g
Q RINGS Chainring 48t 131 g
2INpower Road Cranks (includes axle) 608 g
ALDHU Cranks (without axle) 352 g
Standard Axle (ALDHU) 98 g
RVOLVER 1×13 Rear Hub (Centerlock LR included) 246 g
RVOLVER 1×13 Front Hub (Centerlock LR included) 124 g
Chain (Uncut) 269 g
Carbon Wheels (Centerlock LR included) 1,476 g
Aluminium Wheels (Centerlock LR included) 1,556 g

*LR = Lock Ring

Customize your 1×13 groupset component by component – click here full component pricing

Reserve your 1×13 groupset kit now
To be among the first to have the unique ROTOR 1×13 groupset place a reserve at your usual shop or make a €500 deposit online at Rotorbike.com

1×13 Groupset Kits
ROTOR has configured 4 kits based on different cycling profiles so you can experience your cycling world with one chainring and a range of 13s options with one of four 1×13 groupset kits with an exclusive and unrepeatable price. 4 Kits available in store and online.

Cyclist Profile Groupset Kit Description Total MRSP
1×13 Ultimate Performance 1×13 Groupset Kit 2Inpower €4,499 / £3,999 / $4,900
1×13 Super Light 1×13 Groupset Kit Super Light €3,449 / £3,050 / $3,800
1×13 Adventure 1×13 Groupset Kit €2,599 / £2,299 / $2,800
1×13 Compatible 1×13 Ready Groupset Kit 12 Speed €1,999 / £1,750 / $2,200

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